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Calvin Denson, Jr. loves hair! Back in 1998, at the tender age of 12, Mr. Denson discovered his passion of haircutting. Mr. Denson learned the basics of barbering such as edge ups, even cuts, and simple fades from his older brother Jamir Denson, Sr. Not very aware of the future he had in this vastly growing industry, Mr. Denson never even considered barbering as a profession for himself.

Having such a strong love for drawing and art at the completion of high school in 2004, Mr. Denson enrolled at The Art Institute of Atlanta where he received an Associates Degree in Graphic Design in May of 2006. It was in college that Mr. Denson got ample amount of practice cutting all of his friends and classmates hair in his dorm room. Still only looking at barbering as a hobby and just a temporary means of income, Mr. Denson had no idea that this activity that he very much so enjoyed, would soon turn into a major focus and passion of his for years to come.

After obtaining his Associates Degree, Mr. Denson was given the opportunity to cut hair full time in a barbershop that had recently opened in East Point, GA. Mr. Denson worked there for a year and a half until the shop closed. During his time working there, Mr. Denson realized that he could gain great fulfillment through cutting hair. So after the shop closed down, Mr. Denson begin researching barber schools in Atlanta to attend.

Mr. Denson decided to enroll at SamVerly’s Barber and Hairstyling College in March of 2008-­‐August 2009. While at SamVerly’s, Mr. Denson experienced some of the toughest times in his life. On January 21, 2009 while everyone was focused and excited about the 1st Presidential Inauguration of Barack Obama, Mr. Denson received a call that morning from his father who was in DC for that celebration informing him that his mother wasn’t feeling very well and had called the ambulance to come pick her up from home. Mr. Denson’s father left DC and headed bac k to North Carolina to check on Mr. Denson’s mother. When his father got to the hospital he called Mr. Denson and let him speak with his mother. She said she was a little uncomfortable but she was doing fine and the doctors were running some tests to see what was wrong with her. After speaking with his mother, Mr. Denson thought everything was ok. Later on that evening, while at bible study, Mr. Denson’s father called him again and said his mother had flat lined but the doctors had resuscitated her. Mr. Denson’s father told him to leave church and go to his aunt’s house and get ready to drive to North Carolina. Never before in Mr. Denson’s 22 years of living at that time had he ever felt sadness, confusion, upset, anxious, helpless, and powerless all at the same time. The only thing he could do is pray and cry and continued to do so for the entire six-­‐hour trip with his three aunts. When Mr. Denson and his aunt’s arrived at the hospital in North Carolina, Mr. Denson’s father told them that his mother did not make it. Mr. Denson told the director and his instructor that he decided to take some time off from school during this rough season of his life. After one or two days of reflection Mr. Denson remember that his mother had been his biggest supporter of cutting hair. While cutting hair in his first shop, Mr. Denson’s mother purchased his first detachable blade clipper named the Andis BGR that retailed at that time for $200. Even though Mr. Denson’s mother was currently unemployed and experiencing some of life’s many difficulties of her own, she believed that her son would one day become great at whatever he put his mind to, and being the wonderful mother that she was, she was willing to make whatever sacrifices necessary to help him get there. Mr. Denson was also reminded in his reflections that his mother always told him that if he started something that he should finish it. So with those things in mind, Mr. Denson decided to continue and finish barber school. It was also at SamVerly’s where Mr. Denson developed his desire to teach barbering. There were countless times that Mr. Denson’s classmates would gather around his chair as he was servicing a client and before he knew if Mr. Denson explaining what technique he was doing, what tool he was using and why he was using it! So Mr. Denson decided before earning his Master Barber License that he would go back to school in 18 months to get his Barber Instructor License.

After earning his Master Barber License, Mr. Denson begin cutting hair in a salon where he worked for 3 months before going to work at JJ’s Barber Shop in March of 2010. JJ’s Barbershop was founded in November 1991 and owned at that time by John Jones aka “JJ”. Mr. Denson had known Mr. Jones all of his life, attending the same church, so they were no strangers to one another or each other’s clients.
The shop instantly felt like home. Mr. Denson being the mover and shaker that he is immediately identified various things that could be done to improve the appearance and functionality of JJ’s Barber Shop, and so he did. After working at JJ’s Barber Shop for just a year and a half, Mr. Denson was blessed with the opportunity to cut hair in the Dekalb County Jail, which was just a five-­‐minute drive from the shop. Cutting hair at the jail was very lucrative and afforded Mr. Denson with so many opportunities. It was while working at the jail where Mr. Denson was able to position himself financially to take over the lease of JJ’s Barber Shop. And so on August 1, 2011, John Jones, at 70 years old, passed the torch to Calvin Denson, Jr., at age 25, as the new and current owner of JJ’s Barber Shop! Exactly one year later in August of 2012, JJ’s Barber Shop moved just three doors down in the same plaza, to a bigger and cleaner space. This location already had new countertops throughout the space, perfect for our operation for practically the same price!

In October of 2013, Mr. Denson begin training at night to become a Barber Instructor at Pro Way Hair School. Mr. Denson graduated in June of 2014. Just a week later, Mr. Denson was called by the Lead Barber Instructor and Director of Pro Way encouraging him to go ahead and take his written and practical examination because they had a position that they wanted him to fill.

So here he is now, Calvin Denson, Jr. newly known as Mr. Denson the master barber, barber instructor, and entrepreneur. His goal is to excel in the barbering industry and seeking creative ways to merge traditional and contemporary teaching methods, as well as design and marketing ideas with the vastly growing world of hair.




Basic Haircuts and Fades head only razor included
  • + Semi-Color -- $35+up
  • +Permanent Color -- $50+up
  • + Specialty -- $30+up

The Haircut and Shave


Basic Haircuts, Fades, and Facial Hair Razor Included
  • + Semi-Color in head or face -- $45+up
  • +Permanent Color in head or face -- $60+up
  • +Specialty -- $40+up



Head & Face - $20 Razor Included
  • +Color -- $30+up
  • +The Traditional Razor Shave -- $25+up

Kid Cut


age 2-12
  • + Designs -- $20+up
  • + Specialty -- $20+up

Youth Cut


Age 13-21
  • $25-- with the face
  • +$25+up--Specialty




Give Great line ups cuts!!! I keep a fresh Cut at School every week thanks to Calvin. My fav and only Barber.

-Kendall Hollie, Client

For the past 10 plus years I have had the same barber. He sometimes would have me waiting for at least an hour and sometimes it was a gamble to see if he was available. No more! Praise God!! Calvin is a barber for the man on a schedule! He is there when he says

Marc Phelps, Client

Great Experience. Always 1st Class! I would highly recommend Calvin and his professional Barbers to All!

Richard Flippin, Client

Calvin at JJ’s Barbershop is one of the best master barbers in Atlanta. He is professional and does a great job of listening to his clients. Calvin has a wealth of experience and excellent technical skills that all of his clients benefit from. There’s no doubt that you’ll get a great cut every time you

Kelvin Green, Client

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